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Happy Belated Banana Bread Day!

Ok, So I know Banana Bread Day was a good month ago, but what can I say? I needed to try multiple recipes until I found one that was perfect. You see, Banana Nut Bread happens to be one of my favorites. For National Banana Bread day, Dole and Tastespotting partnered together to celebrate the momentous occasion by having a banana bread takeover on Tastespotting. So for a good portion of the day, the only recipes on Tastespotting were banana bread. Well of course I needed to sift through them all to find the perfect one that was both tasty and healthy. Here was the best:

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It’s Easier To Give Up

There are a lot of different reactions I get to my 5am workouts. Some people admire them and say “more power to you” while others think I am crazy and ask when do I ever get sleep. But you need to remember it doesn’t ever matter what anyone tells you about your workouts. It only matters what you think and feel.

I personally love the feeling after my workout driving home to take a shower with the feeling of accomplishment that I did my workout for the day already and the sun isn’t even up. Am I a morning person? No. Is it easy to wake up? Once my body started getting used to waking up that early on a regular basis, yes it did get easier.

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Some Food Survival Strategies

Spring is coming. And with Spring, there will be BBQs and graduation celebrations and baby showers and many other events that can put you in a situation which can ruin your diet. Some of the things that I like to do that might help you:

  • At a restaurant, generally their portions are double what you should eat. Eat half and if your tempted to eat the other half, ask for a box right when they bring you your food and box it so you can eat everything on your plate with no worries about over eating. Sometimes they might look at you funny when you do that or the people your with may think it is strange but if you explain to them why, you will see people won’t judge you.
  • If you know where your eating, pre-plan what your going to order. Look online at nutritional facts. You will be less likely to be tempted to order something fattening if you pre-planned and got your mind set on your order. Ever have those moments where you plan to go out, get to the restaurant and find them to be closed. You drive to another restaurant that has a similar menu right? It’s because you made your body crave that type of food. This is exactly how pre-planning you order works. Continue reading

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Happy New Year – and belated half of last year

Hello Blog,

Long time no post? Yea. Let me give you a quick recap. Starting from my last post. I graduated college. Feeling great. Not at my best fitness wise but feeling confident. Spent the summer lounging in the sun, tanning, and I had to leave my old gym because I moved back to my hometown and began working out a new gym.

My new gym was ok. Not my style of work out. I was used to my gym where it was all personal motivation where you motivated yourself and the trainers were there to help you work out, not help motivate you. I felt a lot more empowered motivating myself and I felt more confident that I can get fit because I was relying on myself and not anyone else for motivation. I also got really into kayaking. I almost bought a kayak even. Glad I didn’t. Found it way to hard lift the kayak on your own. A sign that maybe I need to work out more? Maybe.

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It’s getting closer to summer…

Time flies by so quickly. My goal was to be in bikini shape by end of may. But it looks like I won’t be there. I may be almost there, but not there. What happened? Priorities. That’s what happened, and we all deal with them. For me, being my senior year in college, I had a ton of final senior thesis type work to do in my classes. In addition, I have a ton of social things I wanted to attend being my senior year. I also work 10 hours a week and I have an internship for another 10 hours a week. With all these things getting more and more time intense (especially because I am a procrastinator when it comes to school) sleep is what I cut out and found that I needed that most to function.

can u guess which one is me? thats right, the self conscious fat kid...this was probably 5 years ago.

What else happened? My diet also failed when I had many situations this past month where I would have no time to run home for lunch or dinner. I usually have time to run home for all my meals so I never pack a lunch. I could have planned ahead and packed a lunch just incase, but when you are lucky enough to make yourself a tex-mex salad with shrimp and an array of veggies included, of course I made excuses why I didn’t want to pack a lunch. I held onto the hope that I might have time to come home and make a delicious meal. I dont have access to a fridge during the day to pack a yummy meal. Continue reading

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Surviving a Restaurant

Eating out is always a burden to your diet. Even healthy items that seem ok to eat actually aren’t. But just because I am watching my weight does not mean I am willing to give up my lifestyle of eating out. I love to eat out. Getting served your food and being waited on while getting to spend quality time with someone is worth it. But choosing one food compared to another can save you 1000 calories sometimes.

Here is what I do: PLAN AHEAD! Simple as that. If you plan where you are going to eat and what you are going to order, it is much easier to stay on track. You are less tempted to order other things if you dont even look at the menu. If you do order something else, you have more guilt in breaking your diet plan because you pre-planned your meal. Many of us, including myself, see eating out as a treat. And as a treat many diet rules are thrown out because a treat is something that happens not that often. But the problem today is that most people eat out a lot more than the definition of a treat would allow. Yet many still order like its a treat, fully loaded. Continue reading

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