The End to Jenny Craig

So after writing my post about Jenny Craig a week ago, I have a self realization moment. I was writing about how long I have been on Jenny and how much I have lost. Yes, 17 pounds on Jenny Craig is great! But after 6 months of the program? A little disappointing. On average, a week of food (jenny+groceries) would equal around $175. That means that in one month I spent about $700. That is insane! No wonder why I was always stressed about my credit card bill, because I was racking it up with my diet food faster than I could pay it off and faster than the pounds were coming off.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not at all regret starting the Jenny Craig program. It was just the length of time I wish I did not do. Jenny taught me one of the most important things I struggled with. I learned portion control. I was the type to eat and eat and before you knew it I had cleaned my plate and I’m walking out of the restaurant complaining that I ate too much. My portion was always whatever was on my plate. So even at home I would struggle because my plate was large and I would fill the entire plate up. I might have been eating healthy but even healthy food has a proper portion size.

After the realization, I thought about it and I told myself, “I can’t eat the same food for another half of a year. And I know how to eat now. I need to exercise.” I always have had a problem with this part. On Jenny I had put more effort into that department but it was still not enough. I would get on the treadmill for about an hour at a fast walk at an incline. I hate the feeling of being tired or fatigued.

The idea of someone being there to push me is what filled my mind. I had done personal training before but it was just too expensive or too long a drive. There was always a reason why I couldn’t continue. I just never liked it and still struggled with the idea of wanting to work out. I really do want to like to exercise. I like being active and swimming or hiking or other activities. Why not like to work out? They are similar right?

Lesson of the story, just because you are on a diet or a certain program you are happy with, take time every here and there to assess the results and what is going on. Its just like a relationship, people think because they have invested time into it, it will work out. Wrong, some things just hit a plateau. I just wished I realized it earlier.

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