The New Trend

So I have noticed in this economy a new trend in gym training programs. There is now many places offering group personal training sessions. This means that there is anywhere from 5-15 people in one class. Most are marketed as a boot camp. Every program is different and oriented towards something in common like loosing weight or muscle building for example. Why people like them is because you still get personalized training but your are paying for a group class which makes a happy medium for your wallet and your need for a personal trainer.

I have been to a couple but I found that many were very much the same and everyone did the same thing and it was not as personalized as they market it to be. I have just started a new program which I LOVE. It is again a group training type program. Its called Train Insane. But this is more personalized than the other programs I found. You show up and there are about 6 people working out with 1-2 trainers there. What makes this more personalized is that they work with you one on one.

Why it is called group training? This is because they will work with you and then while your finishing up your sets they told you to do, they will give another person one on one time. Now it may sound like they just walk away and dont pay any attention to you but that is NOT the case. The gym is fairly small so they keep their eye on you even when they are working with someone else. And they are super good at motivating you because their program shows results. My first day was definitely a struggle but they would point out other people there and say things like “she’s only been here for 3 months and when she started she was having just as much struggle as you.” I looked over and she was doing pull ups on a bar that was hanging from the ceiling. Intense!

They key they say is about having the proper technique to burn more calories with your work out. My first day all we worked on is squatting and pushups. You would think that with that I would have gotten a pretty weak workout but you would be very mistaken. I was so sore in places I didn’t even realize I had worked on during my session. If you live in Orange County I definitely think you should call for a trial or just check it out. Just tell them you heard about them from Selena. 


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  1. Sounds like a good idea, personal training sessions can b expensive! I would b willing to try it


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