How much do you wanna loose?

Every time I start a new diet program they always ask me how much I want to loose. What is my goal weight? It never really occurred to me until my first session at Train Insane. They were the only ones that didn’t ask me what my goal weight was. Why? Their philosophy is that it is not about numbers on a scale, its about how you look and feel. YES! Finally someone understands me!

When you start a new workout, chances are in the beginning you will gain a little. Just a tiny bit. This is because you are gaining muscle mass. So you say you don’t weight train because you don’t want to be bulky? NO. Muscle burns fat. You need it. And I promise you unless you are on steroids and weight train like a wrestler, chances are you will not bulk. But because of this muscle mass, scales lie. Have you ever seen the weight of a female athlete? She might look small but I bet her scale tells her she is 150. As you can see in the photo, muscle is smaller than fat, so it is definitely possible for a fat person to weigh less than a lean person.

Getting back to the point. It’s about what you look like. I would always tell people my goal weight is 120. I have been told by many people that that goal is too small for body build and I have also been told why I chose that number. Honestly, I have no idea what that number means. I chose that number by looking at a person’s size I want to be and guessed their weight. Who knows what I would look like at 120. And if I keep working out like this, no way can I be 120. There is no room for muscle in that number.

I want to look like Angelina Jolie. She had a beautiful body. Look closely, she is built. Personally though, I want my back to look like hers. I think the back is the sexiest part of a person’s body. It’s sexual, sensual, and every person’s back has something special about it. Some people have little dimples in their lower back and some people have a more prominent spine. Me? I have small fat rolls. Not sexy unless your into that thing. And I am definatly not into them.

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  1. Good luck with ur diet and ur workin out!! i loose like 4 kilos in 5 months but thats cause i wasnt really fat and it usually goes slower when you r in ur weight.

    that pic of her is my favourite!! luv her tattoos and i always wanted to b like her too!! its crazy!! this past december i took a pic with her in Madrid (the tourist premier) she is amazing!! i also got 2 pic signed!! im so happy ahha (im not crazy).

    be constant in ur diet and working out and ull get results!! the only thing u hav 2 do is to eat healthy and do execise!

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