It’s getting closer to summer…

Time flies by so quickly. My goal was to be in bikini shape by end of may. But it looks like I won’t be there. I may be almost there, but not there. What happened? Priorities. That’s what happened, and we all deal with them. For me, being my senior year in college, I had a ton of final senior thesis type work to do in my classes. In addition, I have a ton of social things I wanted to attend being my senior year. I also work 10 hours a week and I have an internship for another 10 hours a week. With all these things getting more and more time intense (especially because I am a procrastinator when it comes to school) sleep is what I cut out and found that I needed that most to function.

can u guess which one is me? thats right, the self conscious fat kid...this was probably 5 years ago.

What else happened? My diet also failed when I had many situations this past month where I would have no time to run home for lunch or dinner. I usually have time to run home for all my meals so I never pack a lunch. I could have planned ahead and packed a lunch just incase, but when you are lucky enough to make yourself a tex-mex salad with shrimp and an array of veggies included, of course I made excuses why I didn’t want to pack a lunch. I held onto the hope that I might have time to come home and make a delicious meal. I dont have access to a fridge during the day to pack a yummy meal. I would be stuck with the simple sandwich. While yes, that is good, I LOVE my shrimp. Shrimp wrap, shrimp skewer, shrimp anything. But when I did not have time to go home and I was making excuses why I didn’t need to pack a lunch, I ate out. On the small budget l am on where I also spend most of it towards my shrimp, eating out included the cheapest options out there. I had some foods these past couple weeks that I haven’t had in months and even years. Panda Express (1 year), McDonalds (2 years), Del Taco (4 months), and many more. I also repeated these too! Panda I had 2ce, McDonalds I also had 2ce.

Now I am looking back and a whole month is wasted. I went to the gym probably once a week for a month, my diet was ruined, and I dont look any different than I did a month ago. And with this wonderful weather, all I want to be is thin and beautiful. Time to kick it up a notch. I’ll keep you posted.

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