Happy New Year – and belated half of last year

Hello Blog,

Long time no post? Yea. Let me give you a quick recap. Starting from my last post. I graduated college. Feeling great. Not at my best fitness wise but feeling confident. Spent the summer lounging in the sun, tanning, and I had to leave my old gym because I moved back to my hometown and began working out a new gym.

My new gym was ok. Not my style of work out. I was used to my gym where it was all personal motivation where you motivated yourself and the trainers were there to help you work out, not help motivate you. I felt a lot more empowered motivating myself and I felt more confident that I can get fit because I was relying on myself and not anyone else for motivation. I also got really into kayaking. I almost bought a kayak even. Glad I didn’t. Found it way to hard lift the kayak on your own. A sign that maybe I need to work out more? Maybe.

My new diet consisted of cutting out carbs completely. One cheat meal a week however when I cheated, it consisted of either a night on the town where I would eat super healthy all week and count my drinks out at a club as a cheat ‘meal.’ But don’t worry. I would eat a dinner before I went out. Just a healthy one. In addition, free range eggs. Let me tell you, I am addicted. Less cholesterol and honestly, free range eggs was never something that occurred to me. I always went for free range chicken and beef but never occurred to me that my eggs were also tarnished with the corporate want in producing large amounts at the expense of quality and even safety in many cases (I never trust the FDA). Anyways, this new diet was the best diet I have ever done. I felt great and I really did get fuller faster and when I did eat carbs I was full almost instantly.

Then everything went down hill. I started a new job. Yes, I love my job. But I did gain about 10 pounds since I began working there because I was eating out so much with my coworkers in addition to the fact that we have lunch meetings a lot with clients which I would always eat that food as well. Sometimes in addition to the food I planned on eating for lunch. It was horrible. I was in the downward spiral to my old overeating habits. It truly is one of those things that life throws at you and sees how you do. Life was zooming by and next thing you know I had been there for 2 months and I was 10 pounds heavier. I wanted to cry.

Now what? For Christmas I wanted a home gym. I have amazing parents! They helped me clear out a spare room and we set up the equipment we had but never used because there was no place for it and my dad got me a treadmill. Ok, so me and my mom might have picked it out together and told him that is what he was getting us for Christmas but he could have said no at any time. So the gym is a family shared space but none the less, I have access to a home gym. No excuses other than pure laziness.

New Years Resolution? While you might think it is fitness. No. It is not. I resolve to get 7-9 hours or sleep. No more. No less. Too much sleep is not good for you. Too little sleep, also not good. But in regards to fitness and getting into shape, I do not believe it should be called a ‘New Year’s Resolution.’ New year’s resolutions are for a year. Weightloss is an action which leads to a goal which will result in a change of lifestyle forever. And I have been trying to get fit for years. Every year it is the same old, “my resolution is to lose weight.” Yea, that that ever really happened. Now everything has changed. I don’t know how but it all just clicked. This year is a whole new year. This will the beginning of the rest of my life. Sure, it might sound over dramatic, but I have never felt so over myself and ready to live the life I should be living. I feel thin, but I look in the mirror and see me. What a dissapointment. And the only person to blame is myself. These are my mantras:

“Somebody somewhere is working out and eating right.” – What this means to me: I want to be a success story. No way am I going to let someone else reach their goals and leave me behind with the idea ‘if they can do it, I can do it.” I know I can do it. So stop giving into temptation and just do it already.

“It’s time to take a leap of faith.” – What this means to me: I want to try new things and just trust what I do. I want to sign up for a marathon and go hiking and do all those things that seem like fun but never really appealed to me because it seemed like exercise and not entertainment. I am just going to go and do things. That is taking a leap of faith. Not really taking more risks but doing things I wouldn’t normally do because I would rather tan or read.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. Sign up for that Marathon, I am interested to read about it 🙂


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