Some Food Survival Strategies

Spring is coming. And with Spring, there will be BBQs and graduation celebrations and baby showers and many other events that can put you in a situation which can ruin your diet. Some of the things that I like to do that might help you:

  • At a restaurant, generally their portions are double what you should eat. Eat half and if your tempted to eat the other half, ask for a box right when they bring you your food and box it so you can eat everything on your plate with no worries about over eating. Sometimes they might look at you funny when you do that or the people your with may think it is strange but if you explain to them why, you will see people won’t judge you.
  • If you know where your eating, pre-plan what your going to order. Look online at nutritional facts. You will be less likely to be tempted to order something fattening if you pre-planned and got your mind set on your order. Ever have those moments where you plan to go out, get to the restaurant and find them to be closed. You drive to another restaurant that has a similar menu right? It’s because you made your body crave that type of food. This is exactly how pre-planning you order works.
  • If you didn’t get to pre-plan before eating out, look for something with the correct proportions (meat, veggie, grain). I always like to go for the salad. I know, some salads can be well over 1,000 calories. This is where you have to ask for modifications. I personally love the BBQ Ranch salad at BJ’s but when I order it I ask for no cheese, no onion strings, sub the chicken for shrimp, and the dressing on the side. Cheese and dressing are two of the largest hidden contributors to the fat content in your salad. Eliminate the cheese and control the amount of dressing that goes on your salad and you will have a much healthier salad. Or even better, swap out the creamy dressing for the lightest option dressing on their menu. And this can be done on anything, sub the fries for fruit or veggies, no cheese or mayo on your sandwich, you can even ask for no salt at In-N-Out if that is what you are cutting down on (and trust me, if you are splurging to eat In-N-Out, you really won’t miss the salt, its still fattening so the flavor is definitely still there).
  • Going to a party? Bring something that wont break your diet. You can fill your plate with that and put smaller portions of what they had made. Even if its just a cocktail party, bring a veggie platter with hummus. That way you are guaranteed to show to to a party with at least one healthy option.
  • If you know you are going to over-eat, try to work out extra that day and try to do it an hour before you eat if possible. Your metabolism burns the most after a workout.

One book I like to use as reference when it comes to eating out is Eat This Not That. Some of the swaps they tell you to do aren’t necessarily the best choice on the menu but it is a great start. And there are many tips on things you can swap out at the restaurants as well. It is a great read so if you eat out a lot I would definitely invest in it.

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