It’s Easier To Give Up

There are a lot of different reactions I get to my 5am workouts. Some people admire them and say “more power to you” while others think I am crazy and ask when do I ever get sleep. But you need to remember it doesn’t ever matter what anyone tells you about your workouts. It only matters what you think and feel.

I personally love the feeling after my workout driving home to take a shower with the feeling of accomplishment that I did my workout for the day already and the sun isn’t even up. Am I a morning person? No. Is it easy to wake up? Once my body started getting used to waking up that early on a regular basis, yes it did get easier.

But it’s still not ‘easy.’ Every time I hear my alarm go off, I think to myself, “maybe I should skip today. Just one day to catch up on my sleep.” But that one day you skip makes all those other time in the future that much easier to give in to your wants. I have not skipped once. Not even on holidays when I don’t have work and could sleep in if I wanted to.

What keeps me going? Every time I leave the gym, that euphoria I get when I leave the gym. Do I ever regret coming to the gym that morning after the fact? No. Would I regret not going to the gym? Yes. I would fee guilty. And the next time I have to wake up it would be that much harder, both pulling myself out of bed and the workout itself.

This is what I suggest, or what works for me: I have two alarms set. One 5 minutes before I need to get up and one at the time I need to get up. Only 5 minutes snooze? No. I do not go back to sleep. I need that 5 minutes thinking about how much I have accomplished at my workouts and how good they make me feel. If I question getting up, this routine of talking myself through my accomplishments and goals get me out of bed when that next alarm goes off. It doesn’t get rid of that though in your mind completely but once your up with you gym clothes on, there really is no turning back. Even when I get to the gym and start to warm up, I still think to myself “I hope today is an easy workout.” But do I really want that? No. Will my trainer make things easy for me? No. Perfect! The more you get into your workout the more you forget it’s 5am. Then you leave the gym with no regrets.

Hope my experiences can help you in your motivation to stick with something, whatever type of exercise you do. Stick to it and motivate yourself with your results and the feeling of accomplishment you get after working out.

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